About us

Here at Rescue Mutts Rule, we're never quite sure who rescues whom, quite frankly. 

For example, here's the story about our logo mascot - you can see him also on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/RescueMuttsRule

My fluffy little rescue mutt found ME. It was in the bush during a camping hike when we stopped in a small village. This little pup showed up in front of me. His fur was such a scraggly mess of burrs, twigs and thorns that his tail was almost “stitched” to his ears. When he wagged his tail, his right ear flapped too. I asked around the locals if anybody knew where he belonged or where he came from. Closest I could discover was that he jumped or fell from the back of someone’s truck about two weeks previously, but they didn’t come back. He had been living on scraps and was painfully thin. Bigger dogs terrorized him.

I cut out the burrs from under his belly and legs and gently removed the thorns that embedded into his flesh, clipped off matted hair and cleaned him up. Gratitude shone from his eyes. We bonded. There was no way I could leave him there to fend for himself, but I was flying out the next day, back to the City. He sat on my lap looking at me and I looked back at him with tears welling up. I put him down and walked around. He followed me.

What to do?

What could I do? I called the airline, booked him a ticket and ordered a travel crate. That was it! We were going to be together forever. Back home he adapted very quickly and endeared himself to all my friends and family. 

That was nearly 18 years ago. He's an old boy now, with a touch of arthritis, eyes are growing dim and hearing isn't as sharp as it used to be. But he still loves nothing more than car rides (in his booster seat) and sitting in his pet stroller next to us at a pet-friendly eatery (watching for tidbits) and being fussed over. We know every restaurant in town that welcomes dogs and they all know him by name. 

He has hugely enriched all our lives with his gentle and playful character, his little habits, his outgoing personality. He is a generous little host to visiting dogs, sharing his toys and tennis ball. He sleeps on my bed of course. 

Even though we had to change our routines to accommodate him and it wasn’t always easy, just having him in our lives has made us better people, I think. I’ve become more outgoing too, just by meeting people who stop to greet him when we have our walks. I’m the one with gratitude in my heart.

Thank you my little rescue mutt! 

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